We freed them…but at what cost?

that ball wasn’t there to trap them

it was to protect us


”He is smoke”

I / II / III

Abstract trilogy inspired by mrlasttear's artwork, found here

Also used his texture pack

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alright now i used to hate pitbull because it seemed like the right thing to do but you know what i never hear him doing fucked up shit. as far as i know he is really just out there living life ,enjoying himself, visiting walmarts, and spreading the cubano party into the hearts of everyone around the world, he is mr. world wide and hes having a blast and i respect and love that pitbull. pitbull if youre reading this thank you and im sorry   


Girl: Come over

Me: Im an AP student, and I take many AP classes

Girl: My parents arent home

Me: AP stands for advanced placement. These are college level courses that you can take in high school. Typically they are more demanding than regular classes and thus you are often given a higher workload. However, the benefits are far reaching. Consider taking some AP courses during high school for a chance to earn college credit

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You’re lookin’ at it wrong, the sky. 


true detective opening